Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two Great Finds in One Week?

The Pyrex gods must be smiling down on me.  Last Saturday I found a 443 Embroidery Cinderella bowl.  Today, after having lunch with some of my old Professors and coworkers from my college days, I hit up a couple of antique malls.  It was full of the normally high priced Pyrex that you usually find in such places.  Then I came across a booth that had two 444 Cinderella bowls stacked together.  Pink and turquoise.  They looked great together.  The pink was a Pink Gooseberry, and the turquoise was this 1958 promotional Balloons pattern.  The bowls were $12.50 each, by far some of the cheapest Pyrex in the place.  I started to purchase both pieces, but decided to let someone else have the joy of owning the Pink Gooseberry.  I don't have any Gooseberry pieces, and when I do eventually purchase some, I want the yellow, white, and black set.  Mostly though, I like to collect the promotional pieces.  That was the big reason that this bowl came home with me.  It does have a little more wear than I usually consider when buying a piece, but it is also the first piece in this pattern that I've come across in the wild.

Now, just to find the little 441 to go with it (and that elusive metal holder for the chip and dip set)!

I hope you all are having success at finding the pieces you are searching for!

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