Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rehoming Pyrex

I have some pyrex that is available for rehoming!

...first, we have a butterfly gold 472

next, there is a forest fancies 403 and a colonial mist 442
this is a butterfly gold 441 and below is a woodland 443 and a daisy casserole 473 with its lid which is faded on the painted side but still quite bright when flipped over

more butterfly gold...404 and 402, and then pink gooseberry 473 and garland snowflake 441
all are available either for trade, or just the cost of the shipping. of course, if you live the san francisco bay area, i could just meet up with you. all the pieces are in good condition and are available because they are doubles for me.

thanks for looking... :)


  1. Hello there! Just what are you looking for in a trade ?

    I would love the Butterfly Gold 472 and the 402 same pattern.

    You can write me @

    I'm in Canada :)

  2. Leslie, yes, what are you searching for in trade? I'd love the Butterfly Gold 404. If you're into Butterprint I have a 444 available, and lots of other pieces in many patterns. mama2thomas at yahoo dot com

  3. Hi LeslieH, i'd love to trade for your pink gooseberry. would you be interested in a 473 garland snowflake by chance? please email

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  5. Posting comment take #2:

    Hi Leslie, I am in SF and am interested in the 441 butterfly gold and 441 garland snowflake. If they're still available please email me at ultra-blue at stanfordalumni dot org. Hopefully I have something you're looking for!

  6. I would be interested in the Colonial Mist 442. How can I send you the shipping money? Paypal? bethkyle @ gmail . com

  7. what do you still have available??? Helo I'm Janice @ love love Pyrex and have a few pieces mostly the turquoise and white.. I have a large oval yellow with lid actually I think two. couple large pink and white bowls. . I live in San the Mission Potrero Hill area. well Mom does..I live on the Mission/Silver area. I would love to know what pieces your want to get rid of..Let me know thanks.