Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Hunt for the Elusive Flameware Egg Poacher

I've managed to come across quite a bit of pyrex flameware and I love it.  I use my teapot every day to fill my chemex and use my double boiler any time I melt chocolate or make hollandaise sauce (healthy, huh?)  But what I've been searching for and have never even heard a peep about is the clear glass egg poacher insert that fits into the double boiler.

It's listed in Barbara Mauzy's Unauthorized Collector's Guide and I've seen it mentioned on a few antique dealers' websites, but have never found one for sale in person or online.

Has anyone ever seen one?  Anyone own one?  I'm so curious now.  Do they really exist?  I'm assuming there weren't many made and perhaps a lot of them didn't survive?

The mystery of it all!  Big Foot, Nessie, the Bermuda Triangle, and now, the Pyrex Flameware Egg Poacher...

Chelsea @ Harriet and Quince


  1. Wow, maybe even I could poach eggs with one of those!

  2. I have no idea whether they exist or not, lol! I'm not that familiar with Flameware even though I own a few pieces of it. Good luck on your quest to find out if they truly exist.....or not! :)

  3. i think we just bought some...i was trying to figure out what they were. How wide is the top of the boiler? these are nearly 5 inches where they would rest on top...let me know!

  4. I think I have one, but can't figure out how to post a picture of it on here. I bought it from a charity shop. Thought it would make a good mould for polymer clay