Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pyrex Wedding Shower

My sweet fiance's family threw us a wedding shower over the weekend and guess what i got....

(that's my excited face! haha)

His aunt, who I have traded with in the past, bought be a set of three colonial mist casseroles

AND a pot holder!!

(which by the way, I entered to win forever ago and it STILL hasn't come! anyone else had that problem?)

It was the best shower gift for a pyrex lover like myself!



  1. too fun - congrats on the upcoming wedding!


  2. Congratulations!!

    I just received some Homestead Pyrex as an early wedding present and share your excitement. :)

  3. Oh, what a fun bridal shower! I didn't know I loved vintage Pyrex 8 years ago when I got married or else I would have LOVED a shower with Pyrex as the gifts! :) Congrats!!

    --Erin {erinink.etsy.com}

  4. I love this colonial mist pattern never seen it before.