Friday, July 8, 2011

For Trade!

So the living room/ dining room redo is almost over and now it is time to re-evaluate the massive stock pile of glass ware (I.E. pyrex...) Well most of it is Pyrex! hehe

Here is some of the Pyrex I have to trade so far....

A large 503 bright orange fridgie from the Daisy set. The smaller one is kind of spoken for....for the time being.

A Pink 502 fridgie. The lid has is now a pre-1950 lid, with just stripes on the sides.

A lovely JAJ english Pyrex fridgie.

A small Woodland casserole with lid.

 A Horizons divided casserole.

A small Frienship casserole sans lid.

A Laurel RW platter

A Red Kettle RW serving platter

I am sure I have more pieces up for trade but I haven't got the time yet to go through the boxes!

Here are some of the pieces I'm looking for:

The very elusive metal chip and dip clip
A 2 1/2 quarts 045 Charcoal Snowflake casserole
A 502 and 503 Gooseberry
2 salad/dessert Flamingo plates (Pyrex dinnerware) 

Now if you're interested but you don't have what I'm looking for don't hesitate and write me because you might have a piece that I don't even know I need!

All my pieces have been used but gently some have scratches, but NOTHING has been in the dishwasher and they don't have chips.

My email address is in my profile and drop my blog also I love your visits !

Have a great evening :)

Miss V.


  1. I have some flamingo pink dishes that I am willing to trade for the pretty little English pyrex. If interested email me.

  2. I have several pieces, email me if interested (should have said that from the get go)

  3. i have been looking for fridgies for ever!! but i m not a collector so i dont have any pyrex...anyway i could pay up for them

  4. Not sure if you are interested Vonlipi, or if anybody else is for that matter, but this triangle dishes ENGLAND PYREX are for trade for fridgies. Not labelled JAJ, labeled ENGLAND PYREX

    let me know.
    no is OK.

    not dishwashered. excellent condition.
    no chips. delicious.