Sunday, March 13, 2011


That’s the price of all my recent Pyrex purchases. I’m just popping in to show my purchases in the last week and a half. Pyrex seems to be everywhere lately, or maybe I’m just taking notice now that I’m collecting it. I spotted Pyrex on two TV shows in the past two weeks, and over the weekend we had a Girl Guide sleepover in a church basement and it was everywhere there. There were clear Pyrex casserole dishes, a Woodland mug, a Homestead mixing bowl and one of the girls brought a Corelle plate and bowl in Butterfly Gold. It seems to be popping up everywhere.

Here are some shots of Pyrex on TV.

I was catching up on 18 to Life –a new Canadian show that plays on CBC– and I spotted the red and blue primary bowls and then later in the episode, Tom and Jessie eat popcorn out of the big yellow one.

Then while watching Friends I spotted a Pyrex Chemex coffee maker.

All this Pyrex is making me keep my eyes peeled every time I go somewhere new or watch a TV show.

Now for my recent finds. First up is my Golden Tulip Promotional Casserole dish, while they were sold with cradles unfortunately mine didn’t come with one. I thought it was pretty enough and cheap enough to get anyway, although I’d love to find the cradle.

In the same store I found a clear loaf pan which isn’t large (8 ½ x 4 ½ x 2 ½) but I thought it would be good for some yummy banana bread. This Previously Loved had some fairly reasonably priced Pyrex, but also some ridiculous prices. There was a full set of Old Orchard bowls but the price was high –$2.99 for the smallest, then $3.99, $5.99, $6.99 – and they were in terrible shape, it was hard to tell some of them had been brown they’d been through the dishwasher that often. I left the bowls and also some other clear Pyrex behind.

My next find was a Value Village one, a Spring Blossom gravy boat which was in perfect condition!

All were $3.99, and other than a few scratches on the Golden Tulip were in great condition, so all in all a pretty good Pyrex week.

I hope everyone had and will have a good Pyrex week and St. Patrick’s Day!


  1. You've had some amazing finds lately!

  2. Good finds, and I love that tulip bowl!!

  3. You did WELL! I have that Golden Tulip cassey too, I found mine at a sale at a Seniors centre. No cradle for me either. I love your little gravy spring blossom gravy boat. too cute!