Thursday, March 31, 2011

a jobling lot

It's been yet another fabulous week for Pyrex thrifting here in England.

I started the week by picking up this lovely casserole dish for £1 ($1.60) in our own small town's little charity shop- simple but pleasing...

Then, in my lunch break yesterday, I ventured into a charity shop that I've not been in before, over the other side of town to where I normally forage. It was a rather jumbly and dishevelled Salvation Army shop- not very fragrant and the sort of place that gives charity shops a bad name. I literally had to get down on my knees and sort through piles of dirty tat, but it was very much worth it because

first I found four little Gaiety plates, £1.50 ($2.41) for all four...

I notice that, curiously, one of them doesn't quite match the other three. Three of them have a gold rim and the usual J A Jobling crown logo on the reverse...

However, the third does not have a gold rim and has a strange 'Jobling Opalware' logo that I have never seen before. The snowflakes don't seem to be quite as well printed on either, they are slightly more raised and flaked off more than on the other plates.

I wonder whether the charity shop had them in separately and then put them together as a set, although I suppose it's more likely that the original owner broke one and bought a replacement at a later date?

And now for the pièce de résistance...


the most beautiful eggshell blue Gaiety divided dish for a mere £1 ($1.60). This is the very piece I have been coveting for months, as they never made very much block-coloured English Pyrex- this is one of the few. It's so pretty- I can't wait to have a Sunday roast to use it for my vegetables.

Although, it is frustratingly minus its lid- where are all these millions of illusive Pyrex lids that have been misplaced over the years?

Mother Of Purl


  1. Hi, I collect Pyrex too. Salvation Army is one of my favourite charity shops, the prices arent as high as some of the others and you do have to rummage sometimes but the best stuff can be hidden! I have that divided dish and also a black one. Neither of mine have lids but cant say I miss them, I make crumble in mine but some people have a hard time wondering how to use it because its divided. I also have some of the white snowflake, I've never seen the plates but wanted to buy some and keep them back for Christmas, when I do eventually get them. I just have a platter and one solitary tea plate plus a couple of bowls!

  2. Great finds! We rarely find pyrex at thrift stores, but this weekend we got lucky! We actually found that same snowflake divided dish this weekend. Ours surprisingly does have the lid, and we hope that you find one! We recently went to a Salvation Army and were quite shocked at how clean and organized it was. They had all their dishes and such grouped together by color! Now if only they all could be like that...

    Have a lovely day,
    Laura and Michele

  3. A very lovely lot! I think the lid problem is not so much being misplaced as it is that they get broken... :/

  4. I really like that first dish, it looks a bit like the US pattern Friendship, minus the birds. I'm in Canada and find English/JAJ Pyrex frequently but none of it is this cute. Obviously they kept the good stuff in England :) A great haul altogether. I love all snowflakes!

  5. Tonya- great to see another Brit in the pyrex contingenet! I am going to use it to roast veg in- spuds on one side, parsnips on the other- a lid would have been handy just to keep them warm on the table.

    VB-I am so jealous that you managed to get one with a lid, what a lucky find!

    beetree- you must be right, such a shame though!

    The vintage- I would love to find some US Pyrex, unlikely I guess being as most of the immigration at the time would have been in the other direction, I suppose

  6. I'm in Canada too, and I find almost as much JAJ as I do regular Pyrex. Most with lids. Sorry!

    As for the lids, I've been buying casserole lids here and there, when I find the for less than $1, hoping a matching casserole will come along one day :)

  7. That first piece is so sweet and unique, and I love the plates. Enjoy your finds!