Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Broke My Pyrex Fast

I know that's a goofy title for a post, but I am drawing a blank for something better.  What I mean is, it seems like I've had a long spell without buying any Pyrex—a fast, as it were.  The other day, however, I broke the fast when I found this Golden Acorn divided dish at Goodwill.

It was peeking out from under a bunch of random glass lids piled up on the cart full of things waiting to be put on the shelves.  Well, this pretty thing didn't have to wait any longer, it came home with me!

There was also a large Spring Daisy casserole with a Verde lid taped to it.  The lid was chipped along the edge and since it was taped together, I couldn't see what the inside of the casserole looked like, so I left it behind.  My pet peeve with my local Goodwill is that they will throw a bad (damaged or unmatched) lid on top and then ask a higher price for the "set."  I've tried negotiating in these situations, without success. Oh well.

This bowl isn't new, but since the late afternoon sunlight was nice in the kitchen when I made this slaw yesterday, I thought I'd take a couple pictures.  The name of this pattern escapes me at the moment.

Shredded cabbage, green onion, red peppers, carrots, and sliced mushrooms tossed with a balsamic vinaigrette. Yum!


  1. Shame, shame. You had me all worried that you broke a prized piece of pottery. Still, it was clever and funny, so rock on! Let's just hope that it doesn't turn into one of those Boy Who Cried Wolf scenarios down the road - LOL.
    I love the Golden Acorn. Good score.

  2. I too scored a Golden Acorn a while back. Love it. The pattern of the blue bowl is Colonial Mist. Your slaw looks yummy!

  3. Always good to break a pyrex drought! Glad you didn't really break pyrex!

  4. Colonial Mist--thank you! (And how did they come up with that one? Well, I suppose it's a colonial blue...)

  5. LOVE your pictures of the yummy looking slaw in the Pyrex mixing bowl!! Good find on the Golden Acorn dish!

    --Erin {}

  6. Glad you finally found some Pyrex and broke your fast! Nice pieces you found! I haven't found any Pyrex in about 2 weeks now, and I'm getting a little nervous and antsy about it too....LOL!