Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is this Pyrex?

In one of the Pyrex price guides, they show a striped pitcher and glasses. I picked up this pitcher at my local thrift shop. Is it Pyrex or just a pretty striped pitcher?I also wanted to share two happy thrift finds that I recently got:

These 3 butterfly gold casseroles (I'm assuming they're casseroles because of their shape, though there were no lids)

These 3 Pyrex dinnerware plates -- they're small (maybe 5 or 6" in diameter). They're the first dinnerware I've found!


  1. The pitcher is definitely NOT Pyrex! But it is real pretty :)

    I love all your finds!

  2. I love that pitcher! I spotted my first ever Pyrex plates at a thrift shop today but they had marked each one at five dollars! Grats on your finds!

  3. Love your vintage pitcher, Pyrex, and the plates!