Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let's play "name that pattern!"

I can't find reference to this pattern anywhere.Can any of you pyrexomaniacs give it a name? I'm referring to the casserole in the middle. The pattern is gold, and I'm not sure of the exact color of the casserole, as it was sort of grimy. Could be yellow, could be chartreuse, could be a pale harvest gold (but not as gold as Butterfly Gold, if you know what I mean.)
The 2 casseroles on either side are English Pyrex. The smaller one inside had no identification.


  1. I have this casserole too! I asked around when I found it and someone called it a "Golden Garland" pattern! :)

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  3. I have that casserole too, and I still can't figure out exactly what to call that color, lol.

    According to The Pyrex Files website, it was a 1967 promotional item. They have a nice picture of it with it's brass warming stand/cradle.


    btw, that hidden casserole is a Fire King pattern called Blue Heaven

  4. Thanks ladies! I think I'll go back and buy it if it's not gone by the time I get back to that end of town :) I think it was $3.99 (no lid)

  5. I bought a Golden Garland casserole a couple of weeks ago, and love it. I paid more than $3.99 though. Hope it's still there when you go back!

  6. I'm no help on patterns, but I recently bought 2 bowls, one small, one medium, in that same English pattern with the blue irises. Found them on two separate shopping trips, about two weeks apart. Wish I were there to get the rectangular one too!