Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my pyrex drought is over- yip yip!

I've been having a right old grumble recently, due to my very poor luck in finding any Pyrex at all, here in the charity shops of the UK. But today my drought was finally over when I spotted to lovely large bowls (sadly without lids) at the bargain price of £1.99 ($3.26) each.

There was one with a Chelsea pattern:

and my very first piece of Harvest:

Hurrah for pretty JAJ!

I also picked up the most amazing Meakin coffee pot- details of which can be found over here

Happy days x


  1. I love the English Pyrex and very occasionally find a piece.
    - Joy

  2. Ooh, I love the Harvest. Very cool. I never find the English Pyrex!

  3. LOVE the harvest bowl! I'm so jealous!

    --Erin {}

  4. I want those so badly. Amazing score. Rock on English Pyrex!
    Erin Yard Sale Snoop

  5. Both great pieces! I think I started a dry spell myself ;^(

  6. WOW- I am in love with that Harvest pattern! What a great find!

  7. I really like that Harvest pattern too! Great finds. Glad someone is having luck finding Pyrex!! I'm having a real dry spell!!