Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting picked up by pregnant women in thrift stores

hi everyone! i haven't posted for a while, but it was a fabulous pyrex weekend so i had to photograph my new lovelies and share them with everyone. i should start off by saying that my bday is this week so, if good things happen in threes, the first good thing is that i am off work for the week! the second good thing would be that despite the persistent rain of the last few weeks, this week is supposed to be primarily sunny. on my actual bday, the predicted high is in the mid 70s! and the third good thing is the abundance of pyrex that has found its way into my little house..check out my kitchen windows above!

so my rainy saturday started off at an estate sale that rewarded me with the woodland bowls for $10. i can live without that $10...the pyrex? not so sure!

then, i headed out to a suburb about a 1/2 hour away to check out a cluster of thrift stores. there are about 6 within a few blocks of each other. i struck out at the first two, but found the faded, but still lovable gooseberry 443 at the third store. i talked it down to $4. heading next door, i then found this 404 harvest wheat bowl that i got for $8. i think the thrift store people are catching on! $8 !! but, as you can see, she came home with me, too.

as i was cheerily negotiating with the cashier over the price of the harvest bowl, this very cute, very pregnant woman with her 12 year old dter standing in line behind me pipes up and says that she has a bunch of pyrex at home that she got from her mom and that she is just not using. would i like to come over and take them off her hands? now, i live in a city that is very diverse so i think i'm pretty street -wise, but this was the white bread suburbs, so hey, why not? so, i followed her directions back to her house, and found her with these....

and this....the deco piece

i also bought two small red fridgies off her. no lids, but i didn't have any red ones so they were welcomed, too.

now any other girl may have stopped at this point, but i didn't! off to craigslist i went.

oddly, it took me back out to the same suburb this morning. i got the dog in the car and off i went. now, this lady had a ton of pyrex that she has bought over many years and is now selling it for profit. i limited myself to three pieces and at that, i still spent $30, but look what i got. firstly, the lovely 403 shanandoah pictured above, and then the following:

to round out my current ownings, the small orange daisy cinderella.

and, she also had the balloon dip bowl to match my chip bowl!! these are probably my favorite pieces in my collection :)

petey is now taking a nap. he normally would say "woof", but he's too tired after all the driving and shopping. happy bday week to me!


  1. I am gobsmacked! WHat a great collection. You are right the balloon one is very special. I am fascinated by the range of pyrex in the US

  2. I've never seen Balloon pattern before - beautiful turquoise bowls. I enjoy your 'finds',thank you for sharing.
    - Joy

  3. what a shopping adventure--you're a pyrex warrior! Love Petey!

  4. Very cool - especially the deco and balloons. Happy birthday to you!

  5. What a windfall!! It's going to be a great birthday week for you!!

  6. Petey the Pyrex Dog. Love it! He could be our mascot! What a great haul! Love the balloon bowl. Happy Birthday!

  7. Wowsers!! What a great Pyrex haul!! I especially love the balloon one!! And, the deco one was a real find!! Yeah, I think Petey should be the mascot of this blog. He's so cute!

  8. nice haul! ...and many pyrexing returns of the day!

  9. Your collection looks fantastic against that blue wall!