Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This is all the Pyrex I have found in the past few weeks while thrifting:

That's right, a big fat nothing. At least nothing worth while! I saw a few pieces that were very damaged or sold with a damaged piece to get rid of the damaged piece (no thank you!), or that were supposed to be sold with a lid (the tag said 2 pcs) but some smart alec had taken or hidden the lid, and last but not least a Pyrex flameware double boiler pot (just the top part and the lid) for $9.99! I left it there and I'm glad I did because when I came home and checked on Ebay, I found out that that's how much they sell for. Thrift stores should be cheap! It's supposed to be one big garage sale!

So I'm miffed about the dry spell, miffed about the fact they try to pass the ugly pieces with the good ones, miffed about the high prices and miffed by the fact that it seems that someone is infringing on my Pyrex territory and getting to the good pieces before me, COL (cry out loud)!!

Oh well, that's my rant for the day. Thanks for listening, I know you all understand!


  1. I definitely understand! I was pretty depressed about my Pyrex dry spell until my son brought me some on Saturday. And, don't even get me started on the prices that some of the so-called thrift stores charge.

  2. I am also miffed! I think the thrift stores around here are onto us Pyrex lovers. I recently found a Flameware 6 cup teapot at a local thrift store for $40! That is even high for eBay, but the next time I went there it was gone. I sometimes find bowl sets at antique store prices at another local thrift store.
    Oh well, I'll just have to keep looking!

  3. ok, now i feel bad about showing off my haul this weekend. wanna come thrifting with me tomorrow, mon ami? i'm hoping to extend my pyrex/bday luck and tour thru the thrift stores of san francisco...i could gift you one of my thrifts.... :)

  4. Leslie, I would love to join you but San Francisco is a bit far for me; I'm in PA! I just wonder how far I have to travel to find good thrift stores...
    Around here I am usually forced to pay a bit more than a lot of you for my finds!

  5. The high prices are driving me crazy in thrift stores these days! I mean come on I understand they are trying to make a profit but when products are priced almost as high as they are new it makes me mad!

    On the weekend I saw the most horrid sight. A large snow flake aqua cassorole dish that was in the worst shape I have ever seen a piece in. I checked the price on it just out of curiosity. 8 dollars!!!! EIGHT FREAKIN' DOLLARS!!! Even my husband was like WTF. If it was like 50 cents I could have understood them putting it out. I would have bought it and spray painted it to plant flowers in but 8 dollars was just unreal.

  6. Leslie, I would love to go thrifting in San Fran! Was there two summers ago, what a great city! Don't feel bad about your haul, I've had some darn good days Pyrexing (yes, that's right, Folks, Pyrexing is now a verb.)

    And I KNEW you guys would understand!

  7. well, the only good thing about my day in SF truly was the outstanding weather. i did find a set of 3 shanandoah cinderalla bowls (441,442,443) ($5) and a 401 brown bowl but that was it after going to about 12 stores, but, i agree that the thrift stores are on to us. i saw three or four (tear tear,cry cry) beat up pieces today and all were marked $8-10. i did not rescue them...way to pricey considering the damage

  8. There has been a dry spell here, too.

    I'm supposed to be going on a thrifting day tomorrow, about 10 shops, will see what it brings. Going with the competition for Pyrex isn't that fierce.