Monday, March 7, 2011

I've been looking...

For a Pyrex "Cracker Barrel" or "Cookie Jar" for quite a while. Up until last week I'd never seen one in person, just pictures online. One day last week I decided to make a really quick stop into our local Salvation Army. I rarely go there because they never seem to have anything. So, I went in not expecting to find anything. The shelves had no Pyrex, not even lids. Then, as I was walking away I noticed a big cart full of stuff that the SA lady was putting out. I looked down and what did I see.....I saw this!! It was marked $4, but when I got to the checkout the cashier said $2. I guess it must have been half price day!! I was a happy lady!!

I also made a couple of stops last week at two different GW's, and this is what I found. It seems like once I find Pyrex at one GW, then all the other ones seem to have some too. Kind of weird but true.

I wasn't going to get this next bowl, because I already have a 401 Butterfly Gold, but the price was right, and I really, really have a very hard time passing up ANY Pyrex! I also figured I could trade it out or give it to my son. Imagine my surprise when I got home and found out that the pattern on this little cutie is different from the pattern on my other Butterfly Gold Pyrex. So, I'm glad I got it.

I also found this for my son. He's started collecting just the Homestead pattern. We'll see how long that lasts.......LOL!!


  1. Yay, glad you found one AND glad it was half price day! I LOVE the Pyrex cookie jar & cracker barrels so much. I keep my dog's treats in the cookie jar, it makes me smile!

  2. I love the Pyrex cookie jar!!! Adorable!

  3. Nice jar!

    There is rarely anything at the Salvation Army shops around me. I rarely go to them.