Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not So Boring Brown

Just wanted to share my latest finds...I know they are all brown, but the more I see the woodland pattern, the more I love it with it's simple lines and clean look.

Woodland Gravy Boat & Saucer - $6 at an Antique Mall

Little Pyrex Cannister with Floral Print - 50 cents at Thrift Store

My collection of cannisters...I love these for storing dry foods!

My Brown/Woodland Collection {The small casseroles were my mom's and I have fond memories of her cooking in these while I was growing up}

Coffee Pot with lovely detail (below) - $2 from Goodwill (I never find any Pyrex at Goodwill so this was a very exciting find. It looks brand new and still had the instruction booklet inside!)

Does anyone have one of these and if so, can you use it on a glass stove top?

--Erin {}


  1. I do love the woodland pattern too! It grows on you :) Nice score on the coffee pot with the instructions!

  2. Nice scores on everything, especially the coffee pot! Love it all!

  3. These are beautiful! Love the design.

  4. I have an attraction to the Woodland pattern also. You have some wonderful pieces!

  5. Big fan of the Woodlands set. I want that gravy boat!