Monday, March 7, 2011

clear bottoms (haha)

remember my recent haul? well those two beauties in the back are blue clear bottom bowls!
and since ya'll already know i am a HUGE fan of the blues... i just had to get them.

and i swear just five minutes after i saw these in the thrift store... i walk around the corner and there is an entire set of black clear bottom bowls. i've never seen these before and i see two sets in one day? crazy!

but i just wanted to show off my recent find!
p.s. i totally used my green pyrex in my saint patty's day decorations


  1. I love blue too.. but what a great idea to use your dishes as part as your holiday decorations!

  2. You know those clear bottom ones sure came in great colours... it makes it really tempted but so far I have resisted the temptation to start buying those ones...

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  4. I love the light blue ones. I have several dark blue clear bottoms, and various other colors too. Did you leave the black ones behind???? If so, then you are a much stronger person than me!

  5. i did pass up the black ones. i have to limit myself somewhat or my entire paycheck will be eaten up with my thrifting habit.

  6. Taylor: I totally understand! It's hard to leave Pyrex behind, isn't it?