Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lime Green and Red

I found a cute little red fridgie yesterday at Value Village - I thought it was a wasted visit - then I spotted it sitting with collector dolls - no lid but that's ok, fridgies are cute with or without - price - $1.99.  I don't usually find anything at the Salvation Army store - but my luck  changed - a lime green square pan - $2.29.  I am hoping my luck really changes as I bid on two silent auctions for Pyrex - will I win??  Hope so!!


  1. Nice finds! I really like the lime green square dish!!

  2. i love the lime greeen dish! i passed up a yellow one at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago as i bought some bowls instead. now, of course, i wish i had that one, too. happy baking!