Monday, March 28, 2011

Coffee/bourbon carafe

I didn't see this interesting Pyrex find on my first turn through one of my favorite antique stops in Southern Illinois. On my second go-around (just to make sure I hadn't missed any little 401 bowls), I spotted what looked like a Pyrex coffee carafe. It was Pyrex, all right, in the form of a Jim Beam bottle intended to be put to use as a coffee carafe when empty. The rafia around the neck of the bottle is in great shape, and most of the paper seal is still over the top of the cork, dated both 1949 and 1954 in red ink. The partially peeling sticker you see on the back of the bottle says, "Keep cork out when warming coffee." The cork still smells like bourbon.

This is the back of the bottle, clearly labeled "Pyrex brand glassware made in U.S.A. for James B. Beam Dist. Co. Inc." A funky little piece of nostalgia for only $6. I also picked up some small quilts, which you can read about on my blog Quilt Stories.


  1. That's a very cool find!!

  2. I think it's cool, too, but I obviously can't actually use the carafe. I wouldn't want to destroy the dated paper seals, which is what would happen if I got it wet.