Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Wish List

Today I found a couple of Pyrex pieces that are on my personal Wish List, but I left the store empty handed, as both were in dreadful condition, and lid-less. And overpriced at $4.99 each, if you ask me. You can't tell from this photo, but the Gooseberry casserole was very stained and scratched. Worse than the fridgie even!

I posted my wish list on my blog. Which patterns and pieces are on YOUR Wish List?


  1. Fridgies. Full sets, lids & mint, but I'll almost what I can get - for now.

    Butterprint over here too.

    Anything dots.

    Anything free.

  2. I am looking for anything in pink or turquoise. Fridgies too; I seldom come across them around here.

  3. holy smokes- all i had to do was see your pyrex header image to know that i need to be following this blog. :::drool:::

  4. I think we did a "What piece would you give your left nostril for?" list on an earlier post. I'm sure it wasn't actually called that, but we had a lot of fun. Go back to November-ish?
    In the meanwhile, I want what Sir Thrift-A-Lot wants. We both thrift in the same stores in Toronto, so it could get ugly. "B- stole my Pyrex."

  5. We see Butterprint around here (Pennsylvania) fairly often but we rarely find fridgies. Also, we have never come across a #213 bread/loaf dish in any pattern. Add that to my wish list!