Saturday, March 5, 2011

Loafless in Toronto

A couple of weeks a year, staff at our school are asked to keep the staff room kitchen clean for a week. Part of this work detail includes bringing in treats on Wednesday. I had this bright idea that all my baked goods would be made in vintage Pyrex. The display would bring joy and colour to an otherwise dreary March school day.

There was one glitch: I was planning on making lemon squares, muffins, and an oatmeal loaf. I thought in all my Pyrex collecting that I'd magically amassed Pyrex bakeware that I could make lot's of squares and loafs in. Well, when I went to the cupboard, it was bare! I have lot's of Pyrex bowls and casserole dishes, but only one baking dish (my lovely Friendship dish given to me at Christmas by my niece, Eden), and the Spring Blossoms loaf (at the bottom of the stack in the picture below). I need to get my Pyrex self organized when I have time and begin collecting with a plan.

In the end, I made an oatmeal loaf in Spring Blossoms. Nobody commented on it, but it was emptied by the end of the day.

Forgive the unfinishedness of our kitchen.


  1. I love your spring blossom set- so cute! A plan is definitely a good thing...I've been doing the same thing- there is just too much amazing Pyrex out there, and not enough cupboard space!

  2. Orange kitchen, Friendship, fridgies, oatmeal loaf! Happy Saturday :)

  3. I mostly have casseroles also. I have two baking dishes but no square or loaf pans. On the want list now!!

  4. I desperately need a Pyrex loaf dish. With all the Pyrex I'm amassed, I do not have a single one! I love your Spring Blossom set.

  5. LOVE your Spring Blossom set. I mostly have bowls and casseroles too.