Friday, March 25, 2011

Fridgie Heaven

Hey everyone! There have been tons of great posts lately. It warms my vintage heart to see so much awesome Pyrex out there being snatched up by people who appreciate it! Here are my contributions:

My rad boyfriend got me this set of Pink Gooseberry fridgies for my birthday! I love them so much! I cherish gifted Pyrex because I never have to face a reseller's dilemma and I get to keep them forever and ever.

I picked up this Daisy set of fridgies at an estate sale. I decided to resell these in my Etsy shop because I don't collect the set and am hoping to find someone out there who will love them.

This is my second piece of Butterprint! It's so swoon-worthy! It's the large fridgie and I couldn't hand over my five bucks fast enough.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and happy hunting!


  1. What a rad boyfriend indeed! And five bucks for that large fridgie? Wow. So. Jealous.

  2. Love the Gooseberry. I would be thrilled to find even one fridgie in this pattern!

  3. That Gooseberry is beautiful. You have Pyrex Radar.
    - Joy

  4. You are so lucky to have such a great collection. I have only found one fridgie in all of my yard sale adventures:-(

  5. I would take any of those in a heartbeat. Especially the butterprint ;)

  6. flo, is there something you would like to trade for the daisy fridgies? i have lots of diff patterns :)

  7. I love every single fridgie.

    Sir Thrift-A-Lot