Saturday, March 19, 2011

my newest (pyrex) family members

i know i have said it a thousand times before... but trading pyrex is the way to go! it has taken my collecting to a whole new level (haha do i sound like an addict?)
recently i saw this beauty...
i put my piece in the mail and to my surprise it was much larger than i expected!
my most recent trade was a sandalwood casserole for this cute sugar and creamer set

but not all my finds are freebies... i recently ran across this spring blossom for just $3. and yes, i already have it. but who could say no?


  1. Lovely pretty pyrex, and so practical too. x

  2. Very nice pieces...raelly love the sugar & creamer set...haven't seen those before.

  3. Wow...just noticed I killed the spelling...I better s-l-o-w down my!

  4. I am just starting to collect. I am finding pieces everywhere.. my prob is hving enough money at the time to buy it all!!!! Love it.. and I hv some in my etsy shop too!

  5. How do you connect with other people willing to trade who are trustworthy? I love your Horizon Blue fridgie and would love to find one for myself!

  6. i know other group members talk about having some bad luck with trades, but so far i have had nothing but great luck. i even have a few people that i shop for their pieces and vice versa, which makes for some pretty cool friendships.
    i say try it once or twice with some people you see that are trading frequently.

  7. Re: trading. Is there a site for trades you all frequent, or do you trade with people you meet on this blog, for example?