Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seeing clear through

 I was visiting a elderly lady age 96 and she was cleaning out her closets and had 2 pyrex clear glass coffee and tea pots and ask if I wanted either one so of course I took them both. Lorene is amazing
I made a pot of hot tea yesterday using loose tea leaves.

I worry that  I will break them because they are very fragile and I am a klutz and break a lot of dishes




  1. I didn't know you could use those for tea. Learning something new every day. Those pots are pretty sturdy, just be careful of the glass insert that sits on the bottom. Thank you for posting.
    - Joy

  2. Can you use Flame ware on an electric stove (glass top or other)? The old ads seem to only show them on gas ranges.

  3. I used mine on my glass top electric stove and it did fine

    I just put loose tea in where you would put coffee and let it perk just a few times