Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sometimes Life Will Tell You Where to Search.

I am still at the point in my collecting (a year or so in)
where I am discovering my first pieces of certain patterns.

I was lucky enough to start out my collecting days with some verrrrrry good finds (flawless yellow daisy casserole dishes with lids were some of my first thrifting and antiquing finds, for example).
I can say I was spoiled by the Pyrex gods early on.

Then, about a year in, and about ten to twelve pieces in, I seemed to have corned the local market, so to speak.  I frequent the same spots in my town, as well as in the DC area when I am home visiting.
And I kept on coming back to the same general patterns and pieces.
While they are cute, I'd rather build up my smaller collection with a few pieces of each pattern right now, rather than completing sets. I like the look of mismatched vintage items, and plans to store my collection in open kitchen shelving in my home one day.

So it was to my delight when I came across alllllll sorts of new patterns at the antique mall in South Charleston, West Virginia.  During a visit to look at places there with my boyfriend, I made my first pink daisy find that I posted about a few days ago.

I also found these three Woodland Nesting Bowls.
Being my first encounter with Woodland print, I happily picked them up.
And took some cute pics with them too :)

a space for a little dog to  chill
 *No chihuahuas were hurt in the taking of these pictures.
I promise :)

The perfect storage for a future knitting project

a tip jar for a jam session

New Pyrex finds are at the top of my list of inspiring things.
How about you?  

XOXO,  Jessica from Crafting Happiness


  1. I have the same furniture in my living room! Woodland looks really nice with it! I think I will have to relocate my one lonely Woodland bowl to the living room now!

  2. I grew up in West Virginia and now live in Ohio. You see the same patterns very frequently.

    Spring Blossom, Butterfly Gold, and Woodlands are very common around here. My grandmother worked at the Corning plant in Paden City, WV just a few miles down the road. Maybe that plant made a lot of the same patterns?

    Need to talk to Grandma!

  3. So glad you found some to make ya happy

  4. Where were you shopping - I am in WV, just about 30 minutes from south charleston. You should have hit Nitro, they have a lot of good stuff - and lots of pyrex!!!

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments :) I am glad everyone can relate to the thril of a great find.

    I was at the South Charleston Antique Store. I have never been to Nitro. Where is the good spot there?

    Thanks for the info! I will for sure have to check it out.

  6. Fun post, love how you demonstrated the "uses" for your bowls.

  7. I love it. I thought the medium bowl had more small animals in it at first glance. LOL
    Brown is the new black.