Wednesday, April 20, 2011

latest haul

i was originally going to break this up into a couple of posts, but honestly i was too excited about my latest finds so i decided to share them all now.

i found my first ever cradle!! and i only paid $1i also saw a black scroll divided dish for the first time "in the wild".

although it is very nice, it isn't really my style and i plan on posting it for trade (and if any of you are interested in it, i'm looking for a 404, 471 and a butter dish in turquoise butterprint and you can e-mail me at )

moving on... here's the BEST part of the shopping trip!

if you want to see the other non-pyrex thrifted items i brought home... check it out here.

someone said it earlier and i wholeheartedly agree: something is in the air and its blooming pyrex!


  1. Each of those is a great find, and I can't believe you found them all on one trip! I love the black scroll but don't have any of the pieces you want to trade for. Hope it finds a good home :)

  2. I saw two of those cradles (different sizes) at a thrift store, but passed on them because I wasn't sure which items they would fit. Are they for the oval casseroles?

  3. the vintage -- what do you have? i am open to other options. just send me an e-mail.

    chelsea -- i have seen the different sizes too. i think the one i grabbed was for round casseroles.