Friday, April 1, 2011

I Cannot Even Tell You How Happy I Am To Find My First Pink Daisy Piece!

Hands-down, my favorite Pyrex piece so far.
And that's saying a lot :)

I am ALL about finding creative uses for my beloved Pyrex. Yes, cooking and baking in them is fun too. But sometimes pieces are so pretty they need to be used and seen- daily!

I found this, along with some other great finds that I will be posting about soon, at a huge and amazing antique mall. It is in the city where I will be living this summer, the city where my boyfriend is moving, and where I hope to move after I finish up law school.
It is silly to say, but knowing there is great antiquing and thrifting is helping me feel much better about all the big life changes to come.
It's all about the little things sometimes!

XOXO, Jessica from Crafting Happiness


  1. i know that "first pink" feeling! congrats! :)

  2. Is that a square pan? Nice...

  3. What a great find! Congrats on your first piece of pink daisy! The first of many, I hope!

  4. That is my favorite too!! I have my grandmother's divided casserole, and I bought a 2 1/2 quart casserole from ebay. NEEEEEED more of it! Love the square shape of yours!

  5. Great display thought. I love antiquing and thrifting...such great therapy.

  6. Love it, pink pyrex elicts such happiness! and I totally get how nice it is to know there antiquing and thrifting where you are moving.