Monday, April 18, 2011

My First Verde

Had an interesting trip recently when crossing the border. We had been thrifting in Burlington, Toronto, Hamilton & Niagara Falls & decided to cross over to Buffalo in our rented car to check out some stores, pick up some Cherry Coke & some snacks.. around 5PM. When questioned about where we were going, we were basically going to play it by ear, even though I already told him that when you cross the border you tell them exactly where you are headed. He tells them we`re going shopping.. he asks us where.. he says in the mall downtown Buffalo.. he says there is no mall downtown Buffalo. Why are you crossing the border at 5:30PM?, he asks. Where is your rental agreement? Boyfriend forgot it in the apartment.

"Pop your trunk."

Scattered in the trunk the customs officer sees a 500 piece New Kids On The Block puzzle, a 1960`s Verde Pyrex divided dish, Christmas wrapping paper & tags, vintage Made In Japan horse figurines, used bed linens, a Holly Hobbie one time use tablecloth - NIP (so glad they didn`t open it!), Lily Tomlin & Connie Francis records.

I`d have liked to see the look on the guys face. Not something you`d expect to see in the trunk of 2 adult male men going across the border.

"Whose stuff is this?"
"Get out of the car, leave the keys in it & follow me."

Anyways, my first piece of Verde & my first divided dish. We never made it to any thrift stores in Buffalo.. I was astonished to find out they have such bizarre business hours!

Yours truly,
Sir Thrift-A-Lot


  1. LOL this is a good story. At least you didn't get your pyrex confiscated!

  2. LOL, I know! We had to sit inside the building while they searched our car & they questioned each of us separately for like 10 minutes.

    I made the BF pull over as soon as we could when we got across the border so I could make sure they didn`t chip it & wrapped it back up properly, lol. Didn`t want any accidents & wouldn`t be able to sit still not knowing.

  3. Those pesky border guards!!!!

  4. Can't blame the border guards--well known that jihadists are big fans of Lily Tomlin.

  5. Glad we are being so well protected from rogue Pyrex smugglers. Ha!

  6. Good thing you didn't have any Kinder eggs with you -- you would have been arrested for sure.

  7. I echo what Aki least the Pyrex wasn't confiscated! Glad you finally found a Verde!!