Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My two favorite colors are aqua and orange and I love this sweet little fridgie against this backdrop.

After I took this picture I sent it to my friend, she sent me one back of a red fridgie on her desk filled with M&M's!

I use most of my fridgies to hold my candy stash and I have one that holds salt for cooking on the stove. What do your fridgies hold?


  1. Loving the orange!!! One of my clear ones holds raw sugar (right by the cinnamon and chocolate powder) on our coffee counter. The other clear set stays on a little table and rotates goodies, like homemade cookies and seasonal treats. :)

  2. Beautiful shot! I also have salt in one by the stove, another with bouillon cubes to toss in stews, etc, one holds tea bags, another sweetener packets, and one with cotton balls on the bathroom counter.
    I like the candy stash idea...

  3. Well now why didn't I think of the salt idea?! That's brilliant! Salt pigs are always so darned expensive in stores and I never get it.

    One fridgie holds our kitchen sponge and another holds loose change. I also use my loaf pans for things around the house quite a bit: storing small packages of tea, housing all my tagging/wrapping items for my Etsy shop, and they're a good place to keep extra business cards. They tuck away on bookshelves quite nicely!

  4. My Blackberry rests in a fridgie. I eat fruit out of one every morning for breakfast! They are the best little containers!

  5. My one and only fridgie was holding grapes until about a minute ago. :)

  6. I use one of mine at my sink to hold sponges. Others I have sometimes hold candy. Nice photo of yours with the candy!

  7. That orange fridgie rocks!

    I don't use any of my Pyrex except for a set of Woodland bowls that were passed down to my boyfriend & I from his mother.

    No room to use anything, so it's all stored away with all my other finds.