Monday, April 18, 2011

Pyrex of my dreams...

Today I was very excited to add 3 pieces to my collection from my Wish List:

I've been wanting anything pink or lime green for ages. And I especially wanted a round cake pan, as it's the perfect size for making cinnamon rolls. The recipe makes 6-8 pans of cinnamon rolls,
and this brings my collection of Pyrex cake pans to three (the other 2 are clear). I have to get creatve with my other bakeware to fit in all those cinnamon rolls! I think the new Space Saver 2-quart casserole will come in handy for that :)

Value Village was the Pyrex motherlode today! I had a hard time deciding which pieces to bring home and which had to stay behind. You can check out the Pyrex left behind on my blog. More and more I'm finding VV to be overpriced, especially when whoever's working the pricing gun thinks something is collectible. The hefty prices made my decisions easier.


  1. I love the pink and green!!! I have a lime green pie plate that I almost overlooked at Goodwill. The pink casserole dish is fabulous.

  2. Oooh I love that green!! So "springy"! :)

  3. Very nice green color. I hope to eventually find a full set of plates in that color!

  4. Wow, that's some willpower. I can't believe how much stuff they had at VV (I agree, the prices are getting outrageous) - I never see that much good stuff there (and I've been looking for another loaf pan for ages)! Good picks though.

  5. I love your lime greens and pink! I've been looking for a long time for a cake pan. I have a clear one, but want either a pink or green one. I cannot believe the Pyrex you left behind at VV. I would have been so tempted to buy just about all of kidding!! You have great restraint!