Friday, April 8, 2011

Pyrex Price Gouging

Would you pay $50 for this???!?

I sure hope not!! But an unscrupulous (or uneducated) thrift store owner was banking on it. This is one of the gifts a friend gave me. I know for sure that she didn't pay $50 for it.

This brings my collection of divided dishes to three. Down from four, because today I gifted my barbed wire divided to a friend (who squealed and 'fake fainted' to the floor with delight! Admit many of you have done the same ;) ) She had admired it out loud several times in the past couple of months. I knew from the moment I found it that it would be perfect for her, and planned to give it to her as soon as I found a divided that I'd want to keep for myself. I am quite happy with my trio.

And here's a the moment I found the Barbed Wire at Value Village, I got a call on my cell (I was still in Value Village!) from my other friend to tell me that she had scored some great Pyrex finds for me that day, including the Daisy divided casserole. She was calling me with an armload of Pyrex while I was standing there with an armload of Pyrex!


  1. $50 has to be a joke (but i'm not laughing)!!Truly outrageous!
    Love all three of your divideds!

  2. No, I would never pay $50 for that! I have one just like it, and was wincing when I paid $15.00 for it. I love your divided dishes too.

  3. Never. Guess they don't want it to leave.
    - Joy

  4. I can't imagine anyone asking for more than $25.00 and even then with the intent to be haggled down to something much less

  5. $50 is highway robbery. I paid $12.50 at an antique sale!

  6. $50! Oh my goodness!!! I think I got mine for $6! Maybe they really didn't want to part with it!?! :0)

  7. hello
    I just posted a divided dish for $9.00 if you are interested