Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Friends

I had been in a pyrex drought lately.  I wouldn't say that I couldn't find any pyrex on my thrifting excursions, but most of what I did find was in the category of pyrex mediocrity.  I could find pieces I don't collect, mixed in with a few flamingo pink pieces that looked good from far, but were far from good.  Who are these people that abuse their pretty pyrex into a scratched & faded state?  And, who are these thrift store dealers who slap a high price tag on these pieces of trash?  Is it me, or has everyone noticed prices on pyrex are not so "thrifty" anymore?

This week I had a little pyrex thunderstorm roll through to restore the dry patch:
Friendship Bowls!
Pretty awesome!  This was my first time finding Friendship pyrex in it's natural habitat, outside of antique shops.  The small bowl is a 401 1.5 pint and the large bowl is a 403 2.5 quart. Both are in great condition, the small bowl has a few minor decoration scuffs & there are a couple tiny scratches on one of the birds on the large bowl.  I don't think they were used too often.

A tiny scratch, but otherwise perfect.
We need a good home!
Since I don't collect this pattern I am willing to give these 2 friends a new home. I know many of my friends at the Pyrex Collective would cherish these, so I am giving you first dibs before listing them in my shop. If you are interested in one or the pair email me with your offer.  I will take offers until Monday - so entertain me with reasons why your home would be the perfect place for these cuties. 

P.S.  Love the vintage sheets in the photos? I will be restocking my store this weekend & upcoming week with the new finds!

Wishing you a vintage filled weekend!


  1. I love the Pyrex AND the fabric!

  2. sure someone will want them . I want PINK

  3. Oh my!! What a coincidence. I just pulled my 11yo girl over to show her your friendship bowls (her fave pattern) and she pointed out that they're sitting on HER bed sheet! I bought her the fitted sheet at a thrift store recently because her favorite color is orange. Right around the time I bought our only Friendship bowl :)

  4. My heart went pitter patter when I saw this post. I have the 403 and must find a little 401 to go inside. Checked out your shop too, beautiful sheets/ sewing.

  5. I just checked your shop and I didn't see these so I guess someone snapped them up already. Please let me know if they're still available.