Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Blossom is in the air...

Spring Blossom Is In The Air

Spring Blossom is in the air. For the second week in a row, I have found a beautiful piece of Spring Blossom Green Pyrex, both pieces in magnificent condition. Last week it was the #403 Spring Blossom Green mixing bowl & this week it's the 1-Pint covered Spring Blossom Casserole with the lid, paid $5.05 for it. Made a trip to the same store not even 12 hours later & just wheeled out onto the floor was #441 Early American pattern in wonderful condition - $2.02. Great find! This is the first I've seen of this pattern in person. Also found yet another primary green that is in just a tiny bit better condition than the one I found last week & was a bit cheaper, this was was $4.00.

Also noticed that Sandra @ The Memory Workshop had found herself a Spring Blossom casserole & over at Vintage Betty's there was two separate occasions of Spring Blossoming this week!

Yours truly,

Sir Thrift-a-Lot


  1. Nice finds!! I really like the Spring Blossom casserole dish!

  2. Love them all! I just noticed collection is mostly paterns...I gonna have to buy me some

  3. Great finds!! So hard to find things in good condition and what great prices too. I've yet to see an early american in person. Could totally use a primary green too! :)

  4. Lovely finds! I love Spring Blossom =D