Thursday, April 28, 2011

$3 Aqua Snowflake Divided Dish!

Hello Pyrex Collective, it's SixBalloons here! I have another great Pyrex find to share. I am starting to think this Spring Cleaning theory really does have some legs... Or maybe I've just been hitting up the thrift stores more now that the weather is nicer?

My find was a new Snowflake divided dish in the white background with aqua snowflakes, purchased for $3 with the lid! I think it looks great stacked up with my Dandelion Divided Dish! I love how easy it is to coordinate Pyrex pieces.

Erin has also adjusted some settings so that I can review statistics for the Pyrex Collective site, i.e. number of page views, where readers are visiting from, and what the most popular posts are. I was planning to do a post sometime to share this information since some of you may be interested!

Please stop by and visit to see more photos at my post Aqua Snowflake Divided Dish!


  1. Wow, what a great price!! I paid $12.00 for the one I got almost a month ago!! I like to coordinate my Pyrex pieces too.....playing with Pyrex is FUN!! :)

  2. Yes, a very good price! Great find! And, I LOVE the dandelion dish. I hope to own one some day =)

  3. Love the snowflake and dandelion dishes! Congrats on finding it for such a great price. I am definitely interested in seeing the stats from the Pyrex Collective blogs! Thanks!

    --Erin {}

  4. Nice pieces...I have been on the hunt now for a while for a devided piece...can't to find it!

  5. Three dollars is a steal! What a great find!