Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Store 'N See Happiness!

A few days ago I was lucky enough to score seven Store 'N See canisters at a Goodwill. I love these containers and only had two up until now. I've been on the look out for more for a couple of years, so imagine my surprise at this big stash!

Then the very next day at an estate sale I picked up two more in the Wildflower pattern - it's so pretty. How weird to be on the look out for years, then it starts raining Store 'N See!

At the same sale I picked up two sweet Spice of Life salt and pepper shakers =D

If you'd like to see a couple more pics, visit my blog Atomic Betties. I'm wishing everyone Pyrex hunting luck!


  1. Nice find on all the Store 'N See jars!!

  2. Love those! Can't wait until I score some :)

  3. Very cool. I think I've managed to collected about 20 of them over the years and I love them. Use them all the time!