Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trading Pyrex in Virginia

If you live in Virginia, particularly Roanoke, Salem or the New River Valley (or nearby and are willing to travel) and would like to trade Pyrex with others in this area, let me know. We have started a local Pyrex trading group on Facebook :)

--Erin {erinink.etsy.com}


  1. Hi Erin, I'm interested in joining your facebook group. I live in Nashville, TN but my father lives in Roanoke so I do come out that way to visit.
    If you would send me the link I would love to join. Thanks!

  2. Hi Amy! Here is the Facebook page:

    So excited to have another member! I plan to post some more pics tomorrow. :)

    --Erin {erinink.etsy.com}